Dimples Romana and husband surprise their housekeeper with her new home

Being a housekeeper is a really hard job. Aside from the numerous household tasks that one needs to finish, it is also an additional burden to get along with your boss so that you can have a good relationship and you can keep your job.

This is why there are housekeepers who are extremely lucky to have a boss who is very affectionate towards them. “Ate V”, Dimples Romana’s housekeeper for 17 longs years is one of them.

Image: Dimples Romana/Youtube

Via a video posted on the Kadenang Ginto actress’ vlog, she shared a little background on how “Ate V” stayed with them even during the difficult times of their lives. Dimples even recalled that there was a time where they were having delays in paying “Ate V’s” salary but still, she decided to be loyal with them and stay.

For the past 17 years, their housekeeper did not only remain as some stranger working for their family but she has been an essential part of their family too.

So, as Dimples’ family’s way of paying back the service rendered by “Ate V” for their family for the many years, she and her husband decided to surprise her with an amazing gift.

Image: Dimples Romana/Youtube

They gave her a new home!

In the said vlog, it can be seen that “Ate V” was really unaware of what’s in store for her, she simply thought she was just there to assist the couple in the tour of their newly-bought property. This is why she was really surprised and was in tears when they finally revealed that the house, was in fact, for her.

Via her Instagram, Dimples shared a short part of the full vlog and said that it took them many years to save up for this gift for their beloved housekeeper.

“Maibabalik na namin sayo ate V ang maraming taon ng serbisyo mo sa amin na para bang mga kapatid mo na kami. Mahal na mahal ka namin. Sana nagustuhan mo,” Dimples wrote.