Rico Yan remembered by fans via a restored photo

Rico Yan, is without a doubt, one of the most sought-after matinee idols of his generation. So, his untimely death has been a shocking and a very sad moment for all of his fans that up until now, they are still making an effort for the younger generations to remember him.

This recent post about Rico’s restored photo after two decades since his demise has captured the attention of many because of how “realistic” it looks. On Facebook, a fan page dedicated to Yan’s love team with his real-life girlfriend Claudine Barretto shared the late actor’s familiar graduation photo, but noticeably with sharp detail not previously seen.

Image: Dexter Mendoza/Facebook

According to ABS-CBN, this De La Salle University graduation photo of Yan taken back in 1997 has made the rounds online numerous times but this “restored” version is just different as it gives fans a clearer look at his prominent facial features.

Along with the said photo, which was restored and edited by the page’s administrator, Dexter Mendoza is a little background story about Yan. He was an alumnus of Star Circle Batch 1 now ABS-CBN’s Star Magic on November 1995. He started as commercial model under Cosmopolitan Modeling Agency and then became an actor.

Image: ABS-CBN News

The said post was also timely as Yan’s family, friends and fans remember the 20th death anniversary of the actor.

Yan met his untimely demise back in 2002 when he was just 27 years old due to acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. During this time, his career was still in full bloom which explains why even after many years, his face still remains recognized by many and is still an icon of a Pinoy leading man. One that will still remain an icon even for the future generations.