Buboy Villar reveals the real reason behind his break-up with partner, Angillyn Gorens

Via a video on his own Youtube channel, Buboy Villar finally sheds light on the rumors about his break-up with long-time partner, Angillyn Gorens.

According to Buboy, it has already been two years since he and Angillyn decided to part ways. He even revealed that they still tried to work things out on the first year of their break-up but some things can no longer be patched.

Image: Buboy Villar/Youtube

The actor also clarified that there is no third party involved in their break-up, in fact, he said that he is still in love with his partner.

He says that they might have been too close to each other that they just found out that they were no longer happy together. He also admits that he had a lot of shortcomings during his relationship with Angillyn.

Image: Facebook

Despite this, Buboy said that they are now on good terms and just decided to be friends for the sake of their two kids. He even appealed to the public to stop bashing Angillyn as her decision to go out of the country is not for herself but for the welfare of their kids.

As to the reason why it is just recently that he revealed about the break-up which happened two years ago, Buboy said that he just wanted to protect Angillyn and she also wanted the same for him.

Before the end of his video, Buboy left a meaningful message to all his supporters saying that at times, no matter how much we love a person, we just have no choice but to let them go because we are no longer happy with one another.

He also added that because the future is still uncertain, there is still hope for his relationship with Angillyn. It may not be now but only time will tell.