Bela Padilla introduces boyfriend she met in St. Gallen

Bela Padilla is one of the most adored celebrities in the Philippines who is not only known for her amazing acting skills but also for her talent in writing. And while Bela is mostly known for her roles in many movies with not-so-happy endings, it’s as if Bela has now started her own fairytale after she made it Instagram official when she introduced her non-showbiz boyfriend to her followers.

Image: Bela Padilla/Instagram

Via a post on Instagram, Bela shared 3 photos of herself while sharing a drink with a man in a blue shirt along with the caption, “The one I met in St. Gallen” together with a monkey-covering-its-eyes emoji.

In the first photo, Bela is seen having a toast with a guy named Norman. A second photo is a candid one where Norman is seen wiping Bela’s forehead. The third one is the two of them just admiring the sunset.

Image: Bela Padilla/Instagram

Her 6.3 million Instagram followers then quickly got the message that it was in fact, her boyfriend in the photos. They then sent out their congratulations to the actress which was why the comments section of the said post were filled with heart emojis.

Coincidentally, back in 2018, Bela starred in a movie with Carlo Aquino which was entitled “Meet me in St. Gallen.” And while we were all heartbroken that Jesse and Celeste (Carlo and Bela’s characters in the movie) did not end up together, it seems that Bela just found that someone who makes her happy in that exact same place.

Image: Bela Padilla/Instagram

Because Bela is also known for her relatable hugot lines which she often posts on her social media pages or writes in her books, maybe we can now expect a little change in the kind of words and messages that she conveys. Perhaps we can expect to hear or read inspiring messages from her soon?

Nonetheless, we are just so happy for you Bela! Congratulations on this new chapter in your life, we, your fans are always here to support you, no matter what.