Rhian Ramos opens up about the reason behind her noticeable weight loss

We often see a lot of inspiring weight loss journey being shared by random people on the internet. It’s simply amazing to see these people be more in love with their bodies and live a much healthier life. Unfortunately, there are also others who have quite a negative reason for their weight loss.

One of them is actress Rhian Ramos. Known for her stunning looks, outstanding acting skills, amazing fashion sense, and healthy body, many were shocked when recent photos of Rhian surfaced in which she is seen to have lost a lot of weight.

Image: Rhian Ramos/Youtube

What’s even worse is that she started receiving body-shaming comments. So, in her vlog, she addressed all the negative comments she is receiving by explaining the real reason behind her weight loss and that is her unfortunate break-up.

Image: Rhian Ramos/Youtube

“Many many things have changed since the last time you saw me which was probably the apartment tour. I gave a little look of the condo while we were moving out and somehow, inside of that moving out period, I went through a breakup and it was so hard,” she said.

Ramos also confessed that during this time, she was in so much pain and under so much stress. She wasn’t getting out of her bed. She wasn’t sleeping right. She couldn’t eat and she was under so much stress that her body just basically started eating itself.

Image: Rhian Ramos/Youtube

According to ABS-CBN, she also added that this is the first time she got the chance to process her feelings. If it was just any ordinary time, she could’ve spent time with her friends, enjoy going out and find any distraction that can rid her of thinking about her break-up.

On a more positive note, Ramos vowed to take better care of herself now not for anyone else but for her own good and also for her family.

Here is her full vlog: