Xyriel Manabat responds to “below the belt” comments from netizens

Celebrities are the people who have almost every single minute of their lives under the limelight whether they like it or not. Also, because of their lives being exposed to the public, it can’t be helped that people also have varied opinions regarding whatever is going on in the life of a celebrity.

Former child actress Xyriel Manabat is no exception to the scrutiny of the public after her Instagram photos became viral online. While many expressed their gladness over how Xyriel grew up to become a fine young lady, there are also others who had below-the-belt comments for the now 16-year-old teen.

To this, Xyriel expressed her dismay and also responds to their comment saying “Hindi po ako napa-flatter sa ibang comments, kasi ‘yung iba po below the belt. Sana po alam nila at aware po ang tao na sexual harassment is never, never okay. Hindi po siya fine.”

Xyriel, in an interview with Darla Sauler also added that no one should be treated this way by the people around them. In her own words, she said, “Sa mga nakaka-experience po lalo na po kapag minor, siyempre hindi naman po sila sanay sa ganoon. Minor man, girls, boys, anumang age, anumang gender or anuman ang suot sana po walang ganoon. Never po siyang nakakatulong. Lalo na po sa ganitong may pandemic na marami pong pinagdadaanan na mental health na problems. Huwag na pong sumabay. Respect na lang po.”

She also added that she does not have a twitter account because many accounts surfaced after her photos became viral.

As we can recall, Xyriel starred in “Agua Bendita”, Momay” and “100 Days To Heaven” after she joined Star Circle Quest back in 2009.