Family uploads Lloyd Cadena’s last vlog

Lloyd Cadena’s untimely demise has sent not just his fans but also his fellow vloggers into huge grief and shock. Among all these people who care for and love Lloyd for many different reasons, his family is the most affected by his death. So, after a few weeks since his passing, they decided to upload his “last” vlog.

The said 12-minute clip features Cadena unboxing a few things for the new home that is still under construction for his family. These random kinds of stuff include fire extinguishers, a sponge holder, and some large speakers he had been saving up for.

Image: Lloyd Cadena Vlogs/Youtube

“Kween LC”, as his fans address Lloyd, can be heard saying that it was one of his dreams to own such type of speakers back then. As the video progresses, he can be seen manipulating the speakers in an effort to make it work with their television. A few moments later, they all went for a fun karaoke session to test the new speakers.

Image: Lloyd Cadena Vlogs/Youtube

Many supporters of Lloyd cannot help but be sentimental with the fact that even in his last days, Kween LC still chose to enjoy it by doing what he loves most.

Also, Lloyd’s family thanked his fans and supporters for their never-ending support to Lloyd and his vlogs. They wrote, “Marami siyang nagawa at natupad an mga pangarap dahil sa inyo” referring to Lloyd having achieved his dreams because of everyone’s support.

Image: Lloyd Cadena Vlogs/Youtube

We may no longer hear Lloyd’s contagious laughter anymore but one thing is for sure, wherever he may be, he is surely smiling down at everyone for cherishing the legacy of unselfishness, kindness, and endless laughter that he left.

Lloyd, you will surely be missed. Rest in peace.