Film star Lexi Lore clarifies contest to have a “scene” with a fan

The social media world, although the most useful source of information, can also be an outlet for fake news, fake info, and even fake identity. It is very easy for random people to make dummy accounts for their own benefit or just to fool others.

This time, it was Lexi Lore, a popular adult movie star who fell victim to these fake accounts after many Facebook pages were made with her name.

It even blew up when a Facebook user named Mec Mec claimed that he was having a scene with Lexi. His post became quite a hot topic as Lexi was already quite popular in her own way.

Via a video, she clarified that she does not have a Facebook page. She also shares that she does not even use the said social media network on a personal level so, there is really no chance that she owns such a page.

She added that it has come to her attention that there are fake tweets and rumors that she announced a contest where she will choose one lucky fan to have a “scene” with her. She said that none of these is true. She did not and she will never have any scene with a fan.

Lexi then clarified that she talks to her fans only via the site She added that thru this site, she talks with her fans and she even found a few friends through this.

Lexi Lore "I do not have a facebook page"

Lexi Lore "I do not have a facebook page"Panoorin ang Part 1 👉🏻 ang pakay ng poser ni Lexi 👉🏻 tumikim ng pinoy 👉🏻

Posted by Kaalaman Channel on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Meanwhile, Lexi reminds her fans to bot be fooled by these fake accounts and said that if they want to keep being updated about her, she has her official Twitter (@LexiLore) and Instagram (@thelexilore) accounts which she often posts updates about her work and her personal life.