Take a look of Gerald Anderson’s resort in Zambales

It is no longer a secret that many of our favorite showbiz personalities resort to creating or joining business ventures. This is backed up with the fact that they will never be in the spotlight forever, so, they need to find a fallback in order to sustain their lifestyle.

Image: Gerald Anderson/Instagram

For Gerald Anderson, investing his money on his private resort in Zambales seals the deal. Via his Instagram account, the actor shared a short video clip that shows the stunning features of his resort.

Gerald called it “Hayati Private Resort” and said that it is now “almost ready” as he continues developing it in the midst of this pandemic.

Image: Gerald Anderson/Instagram

A gorgeous view and the relaxing feel are just a few of the luxuries the Hayati Resort has to offer. The overlooking calm sea can instantly soothe anyone who has been feeling stressed out from the city. The wide swimming pool of the resort is also an alternative to the salty sea.

Image: Gerald Anderson/Instagram

The captivating sunrise in the mornings and the charming sunset at the end of each day can also be witnessed just in front of the villa of the resort. Surely, this meeting of the sun and the sea is a sight to behold.

Gerald, through his vlogs or social media posts, has constantly been giving everyone updates as to the progress of the works in the resort he is developing. At one point, he even shared that he is very hands-on when it comes to working on the resort. He did some painting in the pool and re-arranged a few plants around the whole area.

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Hayati private resort 🌴 almost ready 🌅

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Because of Gerald’s enthusiasm for fitness, he also shares that he plans to build a gym inside the resort so that people can still do their work-out while having some relaxing time in front of the sea.

Support from fellow showbiz personalities also poured out towards Gerald after he shared the said post.