OFW amazes everyone with transformation after husband left for another woman

They say the only constant thing in this world is change. People have two options — to change for the better or for worse. Of course, the first one is the kind of change opted by many, one of them is this OFW who decided “she deserves better” after her husband left her.

This OFW named Michelle Valenzuela traces back her heartbreaking story to a time when she was left all alone by her husband to take care of their 6 kids. What’s even worse is that she was pregnant when all of that happened.

Her story was featured in a video by the Facebook page OFW Secret Files, which has now gained 1.5 million views!

Image: OFW Secret Files/Facebook

The said video tells Michelle’s story from her heartbreaking past to her latest glow-up which has amazed many people. Others even say that with the way she looks now, no one can tell that she already has 7 children!

But, despite the physical changes in her body, what forever remains the same is Michelle’s undying and unconditional love for her children as their mere presence served as her driving force to keep going.

Image: OFW Secret Files/Facebook

Michelle’s story now serves as an inspiration to never let their past define their now. As they say, life goes on no matter how tough it may be.

Yes, you may fall down seven times but still, you can stand up eight times! What matters is not what happened in your past but how you were able to deal and cope with it.

After all, change is inevitable, and being better is always the best option.