5-year-old kid orders food online, leaving parents shocked when the delivery man came

During this time where people’s movements are limited, the service of delivery companies is very much needed. From food to cargo to just anything under the sun, having it delivered right at your doorstep is indeed very convenient.

Well, just make sure to keep your cellphone away from your child though because you can’t have your worst nightmare of having things delivered to your doorstep without having knowledge as to who ordered it come to life.

Image: Angelito Respecia/Facebook

Because that is exactly what this 5-year-old kid from General Santos City did. A Facebook post by Angelito Respecia, the child’s father went “When he borrowed your phone and suddenly food panda came knocking at your door.”

While the parents are busy doing household chores, their kid, Gab-Gab borrowed his dad’s phone. Thinking that it was just another episode of Gab-Gab playing games and watching videos on the phone, Angelito just let him be.

Image: Angelito Respecia/Facebook

Not until someone wearing a Food Panda uniform came knocking on their door. Well, it turns out that Gab-Gab ordered a lot of food from the said food delivery app.

According to GMA News, the food Gab-Gab ordered includes two buko juice, three teriyaki chicken, two orders of bihon guisado, 8 sets of sweet and spicy chicken, and one cappuccino shake. The bill totaled to P1,147.90!

Image: Angelito Respecia/Facebook

According to the parents, they are often seen by their child when they place orders via the food delivery app so, thinking that he can too, he just did so.

To avoid this from happening again, Gab-gab’s parents decided to uninstall all the delivery food apps on their phone.