Student builds temporary classroom in the middle of the woods to attend his online classes

In the midst of this pandemic that we are facing, there have been adjustments on the supposed daily normal lives of people. The situation we are now in is called the “new normal” where people are expected to practice minimal health standards to avoid being infected with the disease.

To limit the movements of people, most transactions are now done via “online”. As to the education sector, a huge leap is made by both school, teachers, and students when there shifted to the online set-up.

Image: Joseph Palacio/Facebook

Sadly, there are a lot of students out there who aspire to graduate but lack the resources to pursue studying with the current set-up. But, as for this guy named Joseph Andal, whatever the circumstance is, nothing can stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Image: Joseph Palacio/Facebook

He recently gained attention online after a friend of his named Joseph Palacio shared photos of his temporary classroom in the middle of the woods when the later visited their house.

In the said photos, it can be seen that Andal has made his own set-up for his online class which consists of a wooden table, a plastic chair, a tripod made of wood for his phone, and even a curtain in his back as a background. On the wooden table are his notes and pens as he attentively listens to his teacher which he can only see via a video call.

Image: Joseph Palacio/Facebook

Many are amazed by his dedication to finding means to still continue with his education even in this difficult situation.

Indeed, if a person really wants something in life, they will do any possible thing there is in order to have or achieve it. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of hard work to do it.