Lloyd Cafe Cadena earns a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The sudden demise of Lloyd Cafe Cadena, one of the pioneer Filipinos in the field of vlogging has been shocking and sad news to the whole country. Lloyd, who was best known for his funny vlogs and naturally generous personality has managed to put a smile to millions of his followers and extend help to them at the same time.

Thus, many celebrities and vloggers extended their sadness towards the sudden news and also extended their condolence to Lloyd’s bereaved family.

Lloyd Cafe Cadena/Facebook

This time, one netizen decided to take the extra mile to give tribute to Lloyd — that is to dedicate a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the renowned vlogger.

🙌🏻Paying tribute to one of my mental health saviors.Lloyd has played a very big part in helping me cope up with my…

Posted by Rica Mae Tianson Domingo on Saturday, September 5, 2020

Rica Mae Tianson Domingo shared via a Facebook post how she was inspired by Lloyd to cope with her struggle with her mental health. According to her, Lloyd’s loudness, being genuine, and his humanitarian acts inspired her to watch his vlogs whenever he uploads a new one.

Image: Rica Mae Tianson Domingo/Facebook

Domingo also added that Lloyd’s along with other videos being uploaded by his team of vloggers served as a way for her to heal from the mental struggle she is going through. She also says that she has always been eager to meet Lloyd if she was given the chance to come back to the Philippines.

However, that will no longer be possible. So, she traveled all the way to Hollywood, Los Angeles to do one last thing for the person who played a big part in her life. This star dedicated to Lloyd is now proudly carved in the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Image: Rica Mae Tianson Domingo/Facebook

Wherever Lloyd may be now, he is surely proud and happy that his contagious laughter has touched millions of people all over the world. His life in this world might have been short but surely, his legacy will forever be remembered.