Ivana Alawi fulfills Lloyd Cadena’s “buswash” challenge

Lloyd Cafe Cadena, being one of the pioneer vloggers in the Philippines and with over 5.5 million subscribers on Youtube has already earned a name for himself. This is why the sudden news of his passing has been a shock to many people.

Throughout the years, Lloyd has proven not just his talent in comedy but also his overwhelming generosity to random people who needs his help. Having one of the biggest subscribers for a Filipino Vlogger in the video streaming site, Youtube, Kween LC has also started quite a few challenges as a trend on social media.

Image: Ivana Alawi/Facebook

In one of his last vlogs before his untimely passing, he made a shoutout to Ivana Alawi about his want to do a collab video with her as they “carwash” a bus together.

Image: Ivana Alawi/Facebook

Because of the recent events and the limited movement of people, they were no longer able to do such collab video together. So, as Ivana’s way of dedicating something for Lloyd’s demise, she decided to do the challenge all by herself.

Via a Facebook post, she shared photos of herself which carwashing a BGC bus. According to Ivana, she made a video of the said carwashing challenge and she intends to give the proceeds of the said video to Lloyd’s family as this is her way of helping them.

Image: Ivana Alawi/Facebook

Ivana also expressed her sadness that she was not able to meet Lloyd personally but, she says that she is certain that Lloyd is someone who has a genuine heart in helping the less fortunate and that although he has spent a short life in this Earth, the help he extended to these random people will surely create endless ripples that will remain, forever.

Watch the Ivana’s buswash vlog here: