Movement of water in river during 6.6 magnitude Earthquake captured on camera

The Philippines had its fair share of destructing earthquakes over the years. Each of these natural disasters that occurred in the country left tragic memories to its poor victims.

Just today, August 18, 2020, some parts of the Visayas region and Central Luzon was once again shaken by a 6.6 magnitude quake with its epicenter recorded to be 73 Km from Masbate City.

Image: Jason Satuito/Facebook

Many were then alarmed of the possible aftershocks of the strong quake. As of writing time, 1 was recorded dead and 36 others were injured.

This particular video uploaded by ABS-CBN shows the disturbing sight of a quake occurring in a river. The said clip was recorded by Jason Satuito along a river in Del Rosario St., Libon, Albay. In the said one minute clip, it can be seen that at first, the water was moving but only at its normal pace.

A few seconds later, it seems that there was a change in the current flowing under it. It seemed that it started to flow faster and stronger.

Image: Jason Satuito/Facebook

Water started to surge faster and when the quake became stronger, the water even moved from one riverbank to the other. It was as if the water from the river can easily wash off whatever substance comes against its direction.

It was a good thing that nobody was bathing or doing their laundry in the river when the quake happened or the worst outcome could have occurred to them.

Paggalaw ng ilog dahil sa lindol nakuhanan

PANOORIN: Nakuhanan ng video ng netizen na si Jason Satuito ang paggalaw ng tubig sa ilog sa Del Rosario St., Libon, Albay na epekto ng magnitude 6.6 na lindol nitong Martes. (Kuha ni Jason Satuito) Zhander Cayabyab, ABS-CBN NewsNarito ang iba pang detalye:

Posted by ABS-CBN News on Monday, August 17, 2020

Despite this, authorities still warn people of possible aftershocks from the quake. We should all be vigilant of our surroundings and at the same time always be prepared for these unforeseen disasters.