Call center agent hangs tarpaulin outside her home to announce she is “negative” from the virus

All over the world, the number of people who fall victims to the coronavirus disease is still continuously increasing. It may be sad but it is true that discrimination is happening to the people who tests positive for this disease.

In the Philippines, recent trend in the cases of COVID-19 show that most people become infected from the workplace or inside the home.

Image: Louise Zamora/Facebook

So, when an outbreak in a call center company was reported in Iloilo City, many of the agents working in the said BPO company took the initiative to undergo swab testing.

Sadly, despite not having the results yet, there are already people who discriminate against the agents who work in the said BPO company.

So, one call center agent named Louise Zamora made the effort to announce not just to her neighbors but to the rest of the world that she tested “negative” from the disease.

Image: Louise Zamora/Facebook

She did so by putting up a photo of her along with the words “Congratulations Louise Zamora – COVID-19 Negative” in a huge tarpaulin and hung it outside their home.

While what she did may seem funny for some people, this is the only way she can think of that can easily clear any speculations surrounding her and her family about the disease.

T?! kita mo na?!No one deserve to be discriminated at this point time. We should work together and no one should be left behind.#ShoutOutBayaningPuyat#TeamApolloRepresent

Posted by Louise Zamora on Friday, August 14, 2020

Also, Zamora reveals that this is her way of urging people to stop the stigma and discrimination against people who tested positive and even those who are only suspected of COVID-19.