Eric Fructuoso reminds everyone to not be choosy with jobs especially in this hard times

Celebrities often serve as a role model for many people who look up to them. This is why many celebs use their fame to influence their fans and supporters about certain issues.

In the case of Eric Fructuoso, one of the members of the famous 90’s group, Gwapings, he used his Instagram account to air out his sentiment and remind people of the importance of not being choosy when it comes to jobs, especially that we are now facing a global pandemic.

Via a post where he is seen riding a tricycle, he says that during these times, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be choosy especially when it comes to jobs.

The actor even added that as long as our sources of income are legal, just keep doing it for the sake of our children! After all, as parents or breadwinners, we all work for the better future of our families.

Meanwhile, according to When in Manila, while it was a known fact that Eric is a motorcycle enthusiast and told Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) that he is not actually driving a trike as a sideline.

On the other hand, many people agreed with what Eric said in his post. Some even jokingly commented that they are willing to ride in that tricycle driven by him.