Andi Eigenmann slams people who bashed her partner, Philmar for his “dark” skin

We cannot please everyone. No matter how good we are in what we do or how we deal with the people around us, there will always be those ones who simply cannot help but throw hate around other people.

Just like how many people often skin-shame Andi Eigenmann’s partner Philmar Alipayo. In the couple’s latest vlog, Philmar shares that he is often having difficulty because people will come to him and bash him about his “dark” skin.

To this, Andi said “Why do Filipinos think that [dark-skinned] Filipinos are ugly? Like my partner’s brown-skinned. Hello? That’s a so (sic) nice tan. You have so nice skin.”

Philmar also added that no person is ugly just by their appearance, it is the bad manners that make them ugly.

Image: Andi Eigenmann/Instagram

Andi also shares that she did not expect that people will bash her partner just because of his skin color. She adds that Filipinos should get rid of the mentality that if you’re from the province, you are not successful because success is not measured through that.

The actress also said that she is very happy with her simple life on the island of Siargao. They chose to stay on the island because it is what makes them happy and makes their life complete. “While people are being mean, we’re just living our happiest, awesomest life,” Andi said.

Andi even recalls that during the early stage of her relationship with Philmar, he had a lot of insecurities saying that he was “just an islander” but Andi was quick to shut down his thoughts. She says “Never say just, because, to me, you guys are the richest people on earth to be surrounded by such beauty, nature, and living in paradise like this.”

Andi and Philmar are just living proofs that yes, there may be people who keep on hating each other but what remains important is for someone to know who they truly love and keep these precious beings on their side for a happier life.