Flight attendant who temporarily lost job amidst lock down turns to online fruit selling

There were many industries that were negatively affected by the lockdown in many countries in the midst of the pandemic that the whole world is facing. One of these industries that are badly affected is the airline industry. Thousands of flight cancellation is what led to the temporary job stoppage of many who work in this field.

Particularly, the pilots and flight attendants. But, this flight attendant did not let the temporary flight cancellations hinder her ways of looking for a livelihood for her family. She instead transformed herself into an online fruit seller!

Image: Marielle Enrique/Facebook

According to GMA News, Marielle Enrique has been working as a flight attendant for five years already and her job has been a huge part of her daily routine. It was also a huge help for her family, especially for her mother.

Since March, the airline she was working in paused their operations, Marielle lost some of her savings as she was constantly paying for her mom’s medication.

Image: Marielle Enrique/Facebook

She started having anxiety thinking about how they will survive in the following months that she is still jobless. But, despite the struggle, she found a way to still make ends meet.

She is now selling fruits as her online business continues to flourish. Marielle posts her transactions via Facebook and in just one or two days, she can sell 80 to 100 kilos of avocado! They then deliver these products to the buyers.

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Image: Marielle Enrique/Facebook

Marielle admits that what she earns from online selling may not be as big as her salary as a flight attendant but it is much better that she still earns and her family remains healthy in the middle of this chaotic situation that we are all in.

Want some avocado? You can connect with her on Facebook. Here’s her account Em Em Em.