This woman is the reason behind the trending black and white challenge on the internet

Many of us might have already seen the black and white photos of women along with the hashtag, Challenge Accepted on our timelines across our various social media accounts.

But, are you aware that there is a deeper meaning to this trending challenge? And it is a completely noble cause that is truly worth the attention that it is getting.

Image: Twitter

Let us introduce you to Pinar Gultekin. She was reported missing in Turkey’s Aegean province of Mugla on July 16th and found dead 5 days later after being brutally murdered. A man, which was later revealed as her ex-boyfriend had been detained in relation to her killing. Pinar was only 27 years old.

According to The Guardian, she was beaten and then strangled to death by her former partner, Cemal Metin Avci, who then burned her body in a garbage bin and covered it in concrete. The 32-year-old has been detained on homicide charges.

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*What happened to Pinar served as an awakening to many citizens of Turkey that rallies and even a vigil for her and other femicide victims were held in Istanbul’s Beşiktaş neighborhood and three other cities across the country.

Femicide of the murder of women has long been a problem in Turkey. The country has the highest rate of femicide in the entire world! Almost every single day, early morning news shows on Turkey feature black and white photos of women. They are pictures of women who have been violently murdered.

Image: Facebook

To further shed light and justice on Pinar’s unfortunate death, the black and white challenge kicked-off. This is a way, not just for Turkish women but every woman in the world to stand together and be in unison in this noble cause.

So, when a friend sends you an invitation to join in this challenge, do not hesitate to post that black and white photo of your and show the world that you are one strong woman whose ready to fight for your rights.