Vlogger to collab with BBC Food host after cooking rice video went viral

Just a few days ago, this video of an Asian Guy whose identity was later revealed as Malaysian Youtuber Nigel Ng, a comedian, became viral because of its hilarious content. The said clip shows Ng reacting to the “easiest” way of cooking egg fried rice as demonstrated by Hersha Patel, a host of BBC Food.

All throughout the video, Ng went from being frustrated to disgust with the way that Patel prepared her rice. Overall, people just can’t help but find his reactions hilarious which paved the way for the video to become viral.

Image: mrnigelng/Youtube

Soon, as Nigel was also based in the UK, he and Pastel managed to find a way to meet each other. In Pastel’s latest Instagram post, she and Nigel finally met and they were seen sitting on a park bench.

According to the short clip, the two had a meal together and both of them are too shocked with the reactions they are getting from people on social media. Ng then jokingly warned people who kept on trolling Patel with hate messages after she cooked rice in the “wrong” way.

Image: Hersha Patel/Instagram

Patel then via her caption said that she had a lovely afternoon discussing her “crimes” against rice and clarified that she knows how to cook rice the “right” way.

Towards the end of the clip, the two announced that they have agreed to have a collaboration of Patel showing Ng the “right” way of cooking rice. They promised that the said video will be up soon.

So, it seems that we already have something to look forward to from these two. Surely, we will all wait for their much-anticipated collab video!