Grab driver helps actor John Regala who suffered from dizziness

Back in the 80s, action films are the trend, and these made way for many action stars to rise to fame. One of the most notable stars during that time is John Regala.

He has played the villain role in many movies and dramas that it was no longer a surprise that he gained a reputation as someone being hated by many because of these.

However, after his career as an actor finished, John also became aloof from the spotlight.

Image: Carlo Marti Clariza/Facebook

Not until this post of a Grabfood driver which features the actor has gained attention on social media. According to Carlo Marti Clariza, a man came up to him to ask for help as he was feeling dizzy and weak.

Upon realizing that the man was John Regala, Clariza immediately went out of his way to help the actor. He even postponed his delivery just to tend to the actor and wait for someone to help them.

Image: Carlo Marti Clariza/Facebook

In an interview with PEP, Clariza said that the incident happened in Barangay 183, Pasay City. John was reportedly looking for a nurse which was why he asked Clariza to find help for him.

The nurse who was scheduled to inject medicine for his gout was said to be residing around the area. When the representatives from the Barangay came, it was only then that Clariza decided to leave John in their hands.

Siya po Si Mister John Regala Ang sikat na kontra bida humingi nang tulong po kase nahihilo siya may hinahanap siya na…

Posted by Carl Nathan on Monday, July 27, 2020

When he came back to the location, John already left and the tanods said that he drove a car. The nurse he was looking for reportedly came to the location and his gout was also tended to.

Meanwhile, Clariza added that John said that he was planning to have an operation to remove excess water as his stomach was unusually large. The actor even added that he is feeling hungry at times but he cannot taste the food.

Because of this, many netizens were concerned about John’s condition that the said post was shared repeatedly and everyone is hoping that it will reach the people who can help John, in the soonest possible time.