Dad dangles son on the edge of a cliff for “the perfect photo”

In a generation where “looking good” in photos seems to be a must, there are several instances where people seem to have discarded their own safety just to take that perfect photo.

But as for this father, he somehow forgot the possible danger he puts his son into when all he thought of as taking a perfect photo for other people to see.

A Chinese father has been gaining angry reactions from the online community after he was allegedly been caught on camera hanging his young son over the edge of a cliff. According to Daily Mail, this is all part of his effort to take the “perfect shot” for their trip.

The video was reportedly taken at a local tourist spot in Beijing, Hongjing Road. This location stretches to a 19-kilometer winding road that had amazed tourists because of its beautiful scenery and sharp ends.

The snake-like road is said to twist around the mountain up to seven times and its highest peak reached a height of 905 meters above sea level.

The short clip that is now circulating online is said to have been taken by an onlooker who got alarmed with the child’s welfare after seeing how dangerous the feat that his dad was doing.

In the said clip, the man in white, which is said to be the kid’s dad can be seen dangling the kid on the edge of the cliff while he was holding on to just the hands of the child.

Another man who was wearing a black shirt is seen behind the dad and he was holding a phone while trying to talk to the child in an effort to make him smile to the camera, still with the aim of getting the perfect shot despite the dangerous situation that they are all in.

It was evident that the child was shaking and was struggling to keep himself calm. At his young age, it was clear that he knew the danger that he is in and that his life is at risk by what his father is doing.

Meanwhile, other tourists who were also visiting the area seem to pay no care to the dangerous feat and just went on with their strolling around the scary snake road.