Alice Dixson to share her experience about Robinsons “human snake” after three decades of silence

Approximately thirty years ago, then young actress Alice Dixson has been a subject of rumors because she reportedly fell victim to a human snake inside a mall. Since then, Alice has not said a word about the issue which led to it dying down during that time but the legend was still passed on after several generations.

Now, barely three decades after the controversial issue, Alice says she is ready to break her silence and give the details of what really happened to her during that day. Via an Instagram post, she said that she made a promise to a friend that she would tell her own version of the story this year and she feels that now is the right time to do it.

Mahal kong kababayans…

…hindi ko gustong buhayin ang chismis; that is the farthest from my intention. Nais ko lng linawin ang mga naganap sa Robinson’s Galleria nun dalaga pa ako. I made promise to a dear friend – I said I would tell my side of the story this year at dahil 30 year anniversary na this month, it is NOW time. Yes, 3 decades na!And I’ve never said a word or explained my side.Kaya if you are one of the many na gusto nyo malaman ang totoo, panoorin nyo etong kuento ko sa akin YouTube channel 📺 very soon. #Robinsons #Galleria #AliceDixson #TaongAhas #SnakeMan #RobinsonsGalleria #YouTube #Vlog

Posted by Alice Dixson on Monday, July 20, 2020

However, those interested in her side of the Robinson’s Galleria incident would have to wait for her upcoming vlog entry where she promised to narrate what really happened.

Meanwhile, back in an interview in 2016, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid asked her guests about a supposed kidnapping incident where she was reportedly almost swallowed by a snake. To this, Alice replied that she is the one being referred to in the said rumor. But, she just said it is not true as an explanation and did not give further details as to what really happened.

According to ABS-CBN, there are legends about this “snake” inside Robinson’s malls that once a mutant snake finds a woman it likes, it would flip a switch and the woman would drop through a hole in the floor, straight into its mouth.

It was believed that Alice survived the scary encounter, but was allegedly paid just to remain silent. Now, all we have to do is wait for a few days before Alice drops her vlog and for the thirty-year long story to finally unfold.