Crop circle mysteriously appears in a wheat field in France

There are many things and occurrences around us that will trigger our curiosity and make us question as to how these things seem to occur out of nowhere. This mysterious crop circle that has appeared in France is now the subject of many curious tourists who flock to the said field to witness this rare sight.

To those who may be unaware, the crop circle is a mysterious phenomenon of patterns created by flattening a large area of the crop. The term crop circle was invented in the 1980s by Colin Andrews.

This time, it was in Vimy, France that a mysterious crop circle has appeared. When viewed from higher ground, it was as if the crop circle was forming the design of the Templar cross.

In a Youtube video uploaded by Reuters, it was said that a farmer was the first one who discovered the crop circle. Then, a crop circle enthusiast named Genevieve Piquet traveled all the way to Vimy to see the crop circle with her own eyes.

Piquet says that she has traveled many kilometers in order to arrive at the crop circle. She also confessed that she has been hearing stories about mysterious crop circles but she was never given the chance to see them up close.

Aside from seeing the crop circle with her own eyes, she also wanted to know what it felt like to be inside it. So, when she finally stepped inside one for the first time, Piquet says she can feel a lot of energy in the area where the wheat is flattened. This energy is stronger than that of the surrounding fields.

She also adds that this feeling that she had while inside the crop circle is something that humans cannot explain. Just like how humans cannot explain how crop circles are made.

As for the Templar cross design of the crop circle, Piquet says that it may be a message for all the people who died in the wars as the location of the field was once a home to many people whose lives, unfortunately, ended during the war.

According to Strange Sounds, a site that collects weird news and the unexpected phenomenon around the world, France is used to the appearance of crop circles and that they appear in the country on a regular basis.