VIDEO: Fuel tanker in Colombia suddenly explodes while people are tying to get free fuel

In Magdalena, Colombia, a fuel tanker, unfortunately, overturned and landed on its side after its driver, Manuel Cataño lost control of the huge vehicle when a  giant caiman blocked his path.

Luckily for Cataño, he was not severely injured and was even able to push himself up and out of the cabin before a man riding a motorcycle stopped to help him. A few moments after people saw the scene, many flocked to the tanker thinking that it was their chance to secure oil for their personal use.

According to Daily Mail, residents from the nearby town of Tasajera showed up with large containers to extract oil from the tank while Cataño cannot do anything but just wait for the cops to arrive.

Image: 3w-News/Youtube

Cataño even revealed that he repeatedly explained to the people that the content of the fuel tanker was premium gasoline and it can easily catch fire and explode at any time.

Image: 3w-News/Youtube

But, his warnings were ignored by the people and they even instructed him to just “not get involved” while they continue with their chance for the “free” gasoline.

Image: 3w-News/Youtube

When the police arrived at the scene, they couldn’t immediately step up to stop the people as there were too many of them and the scene was completely chaotic. They estimated that over 120 people were present at the scene.

Image: Gobernacion De Magdalena

Cataño then recalls turning his back and walking away from the scene but a huge explosion made him turn back to see what transpired. Then, he was horrified to see several individuals running for help while their bodies were engulfed in flames.

The explosion resulted in the death of 11 people and 52 others were left injured.

Watch the horrifying footage here:

Posted by Kupal Things on Tuesday, July 7, 2020