This guy wears personalized gold face mask priced at $4,000 in the “new normal”

During this time that the whole world is facing an unseen enemy in the form of the pandemic that takes the lives of thousands of people eve single day, it is very important for each of us to adhere to the recommended safety measures.

One of which is the mandatory wearing of face masks every time we step out of our homes. With these, there are now many types of masks that exist in the market, there are reusable ones which are made from fabric, there are also disposable ones like the surgical masks of the n95 masks.

Image: Reuters

With all these types available in the market, there are still people who choose to stand out from the rest and even request a personalized masked exclusively made just for them. Just like in the case of this Indian guy who confidently wears a golden mask which is priced at $4,000!

According to New York Post, Shankar Kurhade, 49, an Indian businessman is now gaining attention because of the shiny metal on his face. He describes the golden face mask as a thin mask (weighs 50 grams) and has tiny pores that are helping him to breathe.

Image: Reuters

Shankar also revealed that after his photos became a hot topic on social media, people would come up to him to ask for selfies. Meanwhile, despite the attention he gets from the expensive mask that he is wearing, he shares that he is unsure whether the gold will be able to protect him from a coronavirus infection.

This is why aside from wearing the mask, he practices social distancing and frequent handwashing in order to keep himself free from the virus.

India is one of the countries with an alarmingly high number of COVID-19 cases which is now at 700,724 (data from Worldometers.)