Single mom closes down Print shop business because of ECQ but ends up earning PHP50k daily through her chicken buy and sell business

The outbreak of the global pandemic did not only affect those who were tested positive for the disease but it also indirectly affected the economies of many countries. Many businesses had to close down and some employees ended up losing their jobs.

But, as for this single mom from Quezon City, the effect of the pandemic is just another challenge for her to overcome for her dedication to her child, and her desire for a better life for the latter screams louder than the threat of the pandemic.

Image: GMA News/Youtube

According to GMA News, back in March when the government announced the implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine in many areas, Minda Nacario lost her print shop business. She was forced to close it down as it was considered a non-essential business plus she also has zero orders as events are not allowed.

If this isn’t a hopeless situation yet, Minda even broke up with her husband as she was left with the burden of raising her child alone. There was even a time when she had nothing that she cannot even buy diapers for her baby.

Image: GMA News/Youtube

So, Minda forced herself to do something to change that situation that she is in. Soon, she was able to start off a chicken buy-and-sell business with just PHP 2,500 as her capital.

Luck was quite on Minda’s side as she was invited to be a part of Quezon City’s stores on wheels program. They sold food to communities under lockdown. Although the situation may be risky for her, she remained motivated towards her goal.

Image: GMA News/Youtube

Soon, her business grew rapidly. After bare 3 months, she was able to purchase two vehicles: a van and a sedan! Plus, she is now earning PHP50,000 per day as her business now has 3 branches!

Minda’s story sure is a motivation for everyone that life is really unpredictable. Yes, we may struggle today but that does not mean we will still continue to struggle in the days to come, as long as we persevere, work hard and focus on our goals, every day is a step closer to achieving our life-long dreams.