Man buys Lamborghini, excitedly rides it and ends up in an accident just 20 minutes after leaving the dealership

We are all aware that Lamborghini cars are one of the most expensive luxury car brands in the world. This is why many are dreaming of someday owning a Lamborghini and confidently drive and ride it.

However, as for this unfortunate man, his Lambo dream come true only lasted for a few minutes. According to Daily Mail, the accident happened one afternoon at Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The police officer-in-charge of investigating the accident, Richard Whiteley revealed that the Lamborghini involved in the car crash was technically a brand new car as it was roughly pulled out from the dealership just 20 minutes before the accident happened.

Additionally, Whiteley also revealed that the car stopped in the middle of the road after the car experienced a “mechanical failure”. Because another car which happened to be a van was trailing behind it, the said van crashed the Lamborghini from behind after it suddenly stopped.

The impact from the accident was really huge that the right side of the back of the Lamborghini was greatly damaged. Even its back wheel was lost from the accident.

The Lamborghini model which was involved in the accident was a Lamborghini Huracan which is estimated to cost $250,000.

It will surely be a headache for whoever is the owner of the said Lamborghini considering that it was only a few minutes since he got to ride his new car but unfortunately, it was involved in an accident.

If there is one thing he can still be thankful for, that is the fact that he is still alive after such huge crash between two cars.