Old veggie vendor left in tears after knowing that he received fake money and cannot buy medicine

In this world we live in, there are still people who find pleasure in taking advantage of others. It may be a sad realization but this is indeed happening in real life.

What’s even sadder is that there are people who do not choose who to victimize. Even the helpless old people who simply try hard to live on a daily basis cannot escape these ruthless people.

Just like this unfortunate event that happened to an old vegetable vendor. According to Nepali News, the old man is from West Sumatra and was victimized by still unknown individuals who paid him with fake money.

Image: Makassar Info / Instagram

What’s even sadder is that he intends to use the money to buy medicine for his asthma in the nearby pharmacy. It was also there that he found out that the money in his possession was fake because the cashier refused to receive it.

The old man had no choice but to walk away with heavy shoulders and tears dripping down his face.

An Instagram user who was only known as Makassar Info, shared that a concerned citizen came to the old man to ask him about what happened.

Image: Makassar Info / Instagram

The veggie vendor shared that although it is hard, he still went on to sell vegetables so that he can afford to buy his medicine. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine being a victim of such a scam.

He also revealed that he has poor eyesight which was why he was easily deceived by the fake money paid to him amounting to Rp50,000 (Indonesian Currency) especially that the fake one has the same color and length to that of the original money.

It is truly sad that at his old age, the man still had to suffer through a harsh scam done by heartless people. We just hope that this scamming can stop at the soonest possible time because this does not have any positive effect to anyone.