Kid refuses to leave parents’ tomb without knowing that they are gone forever

Most of the time, kids have a limited understanding when it comes to the happenings and things around them.

They also ask questions most of the time out of their curiosity. They seek the help of the elders so they can somehow have an idea of whatever it is that piqued their curiosity.

Somehow, one of the hardest things for anyone to explain to a child is the loss of their beloved parents. Sadly, this is what happened to a child named Arfan from Bachok, Malaysia.

Unfortunately, he lost both of his parents after they were involved in a motorcycle accident at such a young age.

As a young child, he found it hard to understand why his parents refuse to open their eyes and also why they were put inside a box.

Image: Azuan Shamsuddin/Facebook

So, when the time came that his parents will now be laid to their last resting place, the poor child was still unable to process what was happening most especially why they were put under a hole on the ground.

According to Buzzooks, the child’s relatives were forced to just make up stories about his parents telling him that they are “living” under the hard ground.

Image: Azuan Shamsuddin/Facebook

After this, Arfan made it a habit to visit the tomb of his parents hoping that someday, they will return to him. The child’s uncle, Azuan Shamsuddin says that Arfan often shouts “Mom! Mom!” every time he plays around the area of the tomb.

We can’t imagine the loneliness and longing Arfan must be feeling especially that he is still very young and cannot yet grasp the true loss he is suffering from.

Maybe someday, when he grows up, he can eventually accept these sad happenings in his life. When that day comes, he will surely remember his parents as the special people who made him see the beauty of this world.