This guy loves having 60,000 bees hang out on his face, treats them as friends

Bees can be deadly insects if mishandled which is why as much as possible, people are advised to stay away from these creatures. So, it has been a non-written law for many to immediately run for their lives after spotting a beehive of even just one stinging bee.

However, for this Indian man who was only known as Nature M.S., bees are his best friend and thus, he no longer fears them.

According to Daily Mail, Nature who is now 24 has been working with bees since he was just seven. In fact, he even showed his “bee tricks” to his classmates in Kerala at his young age. He said he was first introduced to the buzzing creatures by his father Sajayakumar who is himself an award-winning beekeeper and a honey maker.

Nature also confessed that ever since he was young, he already had this unique kind of attachment to bees. He also recalls that he has been stung by the bees, several times already but he believes that every time that happens, it is his fault and not theirs.

To prove his point, he did several bee tricks and one of which is letting these dangerous creatures stay in his face. In fact, he holds the Guinness World Record for the longest time with his head fully covered with over 60,000 bees, at an astonishing four hours, 10 minutes and five seconds.

This passion of Nature for the bees which he considers family also led him to pursue academic studies in apiculture. Plus, he is currently studying for a master’s at a college in Bangalore, India.

He also shares that he envisions taking a doctorate degree in this field so that he can do something to protect these insects and even learn more about them.

Sure enough, it is not every day that we get to meet such passionate people as Nature. This is why although his chosen field is quite the dangerous kind, we still support him with all our hearts.