Flight attendant temporarily sells fishball amidst flight cancellations because of pandemic

A lot of people have been negatively affected by the crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. There were those who lost their jobs, businesses, and livelihood.

But the ones that are greatly affected are the people who work in the aviation industry. As many countries limit the entry of people to their territories, many flights end up being canceled and workers ended up losing their jobs.

Image: Lorrie May Parungao/Fly High Manila/Facebook

This flight attendant working at Pan Pacific Airlines named Lorrie May Parungao is just one of the many who suffered from the flight cancellations. But, instead of sulking in one corner, Parungao made an effort to still earn money while staying at home.

Via Facebook, she proudly shared photos of herself while she was selling fishball near her residence.

Image: Lorrie May Parungao/Fly High Manila/Facebook

She also said that back then, when she wasn’t an FA yet, she used to sell fishball and other stuff that is why it is no longer new for her to do so.

In the said post, Parungao says that although selling fishball may not earn her as much money as she earns from her job, it still is a decent livelihood and will enable her family to have food on their table despite the hard situation we are all in.

Image: Lorrie May Parungao/Fly High Manila/Facebook

Parungao, being the breadwinner of her family inspired others because of her fighting spirit which caused her post become a viral hit.

She also left an advice to everyone else who is struggling just like her. “Always be grateful for all that has happened in our lives. It will be our fuel for our dreams. Never forget where we came from, it will always lead and teach us to aim and soar high,” Parungao said in her post.