Former Miss Universe Colombia says she still loves her body just like before in post-surgery photos

The Miss Universe is one of the most prestigious pageants being held once every year. Gorgeous and alluring women from all over the world proudly represent their countries in this pageant, all eager to win the crown and give the glory to the country that they represent.

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Their whole journey to the Miss Universe pageant sure is one heck of a roller coaster ride and something that they will forever cherish. However, after the glitz and glamor of the pageant, these beauties will then be back to their everyday lives.

As for Colombia’s representative for the said pageant back in 2012, a gorgeous woman named Daniella Alvarez, her life made an unexpected turn barely 8 years after her wonderful experience.

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Después de 10 días en UCI hoy me dieron habitación. Solo Dios, los doctores, las enfermeras y mi madre saben la lucha tan grande que tuve en la cama 14. No he dormido ni un solo día a causa del dolor. He pasado por 4 cirugías encontrándome con el miedo a que algo salga como no estaba previsto, incomodidades dónde dependo de todos menos de mi misma. Que haríamos los enfermos sin nuestras enfermeras que están incansablemente para ayudarnos y recordarnos que si se puede salir de esta y que con cada día todo va pasando. Mi fortaleza eres tú mi Dios, se que me amas y que no me abandonas. Gracias por enseñarme a vivir un día a la vez y que cada día trae su afán. Esta es mi prueba de vida y la batallaré! Siguen días duros pero estoy lista para enfrentarlos. Dios siempre escucha nuestras oraciones , por favor no dejen de orar por mi 🙏❤️, sus oraciones me ayudarán a sanarme más rápido. Los amo

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The 32-year-old woman from Barranquilla, Colombia, recently made headlines but it was no longer about her looks and body but her courage during a trying time in her life.

According to Daily Mail, Alvarez’s revealed that she had been in surgery to remove a mass in her abdomen, which resulted in her suffering from ischemia – meaning the blood supply to her left leg had been cut off – and after several operations, it was decided it needed to be amputated.

After this sad news, many worried that Alvarez may be suffering not just from the physical pain but also from the mental issues which may arise after her surgery.

But she dismissed all of these speculations after she posted a post-surgery photo of herself while still in her hospital bed. The photo went with the caption: “I love my body the same as I did before. I am happy to be here in this world to experience the new challenges coming into my life.”

Under her uploaded photos were comments of encouragement and support from the many people who expressed their support to the former beauty queen especially in this time when she needs it the most.

Alvarez’s story now serves as an encouragement to people that having a part of your body being “cut-off” does not mean the end of your life. It is only the beginning of a more meaningful journey that will make you realize the true meaning of life and value the people around you.