Kids sell noodles on the streets after their parents lost their jobs

All types of races, businesses, and livelihoods have been affected by the pandemic all over the world in a negative way. Economies of many developing countries started to dwindle all because of the pandemic.

With this, just like many other families all over the world, one family from Prima Setapak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is having a hard time after both parents lost their jobs when the country imposed the movement control order (MCO).

Image: Love n Care/Facebook

The said family had four kids and because of having lost their jobs, the parents are having a hard time trying to provide for their kids. Surprisingly, the kids seemed to have a mind of their own that they made an effort to “help” their parents in the best way that they could.

According to Buzzooks, the kids set up shop at a sidewalk, selling dried noodles, some books, and other stuff to earn some extra money for their food and other needs.

Image: Love n Care/Facebook

Their situation caught the attention of many people and one passerby decided to upload photos of the kids via the Facebook page, Love n Care. Shortly after, these photos became a hit online as many parents sympathize with the kids and are also proud of them for having the initiative to help their parents despite the difficult situation that they are in.

Image: Love n Care/Facebook

Meanwhile, given the danger of the pandemic that can infect anyone, especially those kids that are vulnerable to the disease, many netizens expressed their concern especially that the kids in the photo are exposed to many passers-by who are “possible” carriers of the disease.

What these kids have done is just an example of how sensitive kids are to the actions of the adults around them. We may not know it but they are very aware of our worries and are more than willing to help adults in any way they could.