Guy delivers 2 bikes worth 12,000 but buyer cancelled the order

Yes, buying things online and having it delivered right at your doorstep is indeed very convenient for many people. This is why online selling has become a trend these days.

But, as much as online sellers want to deliver the best service to their customers, there are instances when customers become unreasonable especially those that decide to cancel their orders at the last minute.

Unfortunately, that was what happened to Prince Salvador, an online reseller of bicycles. Prince is asking for anyone who can help him after his customer canceled his order of two mountain bikes amounting to P 12,000.

Image: GMA News

Prince who was from San Mateo, Rizal traveled all the way to Valenzuela City to get the bikes and via just his motorcycle he then delivered the two bikes to Antipolo City.

Sadly, when he arrived at his customer’s address, the latter refused to receive the bikes saying that it should be free from scratches. Prince explained that it was inevitable as he traveled a long way from Valenzuela to Antipolo to deliver the bikes.

Despite his explanation, the buyer still refused to receive the items. Prince was left empty-handed and has no idea where he can sell the bikes as he being a reseller paid for the bikes first with his own money.

Adding to the fact that he only runs on a small capital, this loss will surely take a toll on his small business.

Later on, according to GMA News, Prince sought the help of the police to help him with the issue. Good thing, it was confirmed that the bikes were finally sold!

This cancellation of orders has long been a problem of people engaged in delivery services. It’s unfortunate that our countrymen, who are only trying to make a living for their families despite the situation we are in are the ones falling victim to the pranks and scams of heartless people.

With this, a bill has been filed in the House of Representatives which aims to penalize those people who cancel their orders intentionally. Under this bill, a fine of P100,000 and at least six years of jail time may be imposed on violators.