Chinese woman chooses to stay with “taong grasa” over her family

They say people can do unbelievable things for love. Over and over again, this has been proven by many couples across the globe. This time, it was the shocking pairing of a Chinese woman and a homeless man.

According to Buzzooks, a clip is now circulating online which shows a woman sitting on a sidewalk beside a homeless man. It can also be seen in the clip that a commotion was going on.

It turns out that the girl’s family was looking everywhere for her. When they finally found her on the streets, they urged her to go with them. Unfortunately, the woman refused to do so.

Image: Kabiyak/Facebook

Their little commotion led to a lot of people coming over to try and find out what was caused by the commotion. A few moments into the clip, two ladies can be seen walking up to the woman in an effort to persuade her but she still refused.

She even pointed to the guy beside her who turns out to be a homeless man. The two, which people assumed are a couple is seen barefoot in the short clip.

Image: Kabiyak/Facebook

All throughout the video, the woman refused to say anything, all she did was cling to the man. Onlookers can’t help but jokingly say that they envy the homeless man because he still managed to have a “love life” while they can’t do so.

But, before the video ended, one of the ladies told the homeless man to get up and ride the patrol car. He did so without resistance. Immediately, the Chinese woman got up to follow him.

Because no one can understand what the two Chinese ladies were saying, no one was really able to comprehend what happened to the woman’s family and what was the reason why she was on the streets with a homeless man.

You can watch the short clip here:


Chinese national na in love sa taong grasa😁💘

Posted by Kabiyak on Thursday, May 14, 2020