Professional surfer Philmar Alipayo takes 10-month-old daughter to the sea for a surfing experience

As many people are admiring Andi Eigenmann for her admirable act of giving up her luxurious life in the city in exchange for the peaceful life on the island of Siargao, many also cannot help but point their admiration to her partner Philmar as an instrument to the former actress’ decision.

Image: Philmar Alipayo/Instagram

Philmar, who is now a proud dad and being the world-class surfer that he is simply cannot help but share his skill with everyone – including his 10-month-old daughter, Lilo.

Via his Instagram account, he proudly shared his fist surfing experience with his beloved daughter. His post went with the caption, “Lilo’s First Surf with Papa. Soo happy! Lilo’s first surf at 10 months. Can’t wait for more surf with me. Next time better video quality.”

The short clip he uploaded shows him and Lilo atop a surfboard while braving the waves. Fans and followers of Philmar can’t help but admire the gesture while there are also others who were a bit worried about the possible unforeseen accident that may happen in the middle of the ocean.

But of course, Baby Lilo is very much safe in the hands of her surfing champ dad.

Philmar is not only a dedicated dad but also has earned a name for himself in the field of surfing. In 2019, he was ranked 6th on the men’s shortboard division of the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT), the country’s first-ever and only professional surfing tournament.

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We just can’t help but admire this happy family Andi and Philmar has built and the values the couple is imparting not just to their children but also to the many Filipinos who look up to them and consider them their role model.