Simple Island girl Andi Eigennman once again earns praises for this pic

Andi Eigenmann has been creating a buzz recently as many people are becoming more amazed at her choice of living a simple life in Siargao and leaving her luxurious life as a celebrity.

For many people, what she did proves that not everyone is after fame or money, some find true happiness and joy by being with the people that make them feel special in so many ways.

Image: Andi and Philmar / Facebook

As many are already aware, Andi is now happily living in Siargao with her husband, Phil.  Andi had her fair share of heartbreaks as she became a mom at a young age and many people judged her after this news broke.

Now, several years after that, Andi can proudly say that she no longer is affected by the negative comments about her as she is completely contested and happy while peacefully living with her new family.

In fact, a photo of her is now trending as many people expressed their admiration for the actress turned island girl. In the said photo uploaded by Contessa Aubrea Paraico – Carnaje Andi can be seen riding a motorcycle that her husband, Phil was driving.

According to Carnaje, she saw Andi in Siargao, and Andi was carrying a large water tub with no ounce of being maarte while doing so. She also added that although Andi was only wearing plain clothes, she still looked gorgeous and her aura screams elegance.

Saw Andi here in Siargao last week and wala sya keyme kag arte magdala sang large water tub while nakaangkas sa motor kasama hubby nya.😍 Still gorg and classy bisan indi magporma!😊 #SimpleLife #IslandGirl

Posted by Contessa Aubrea Paraico – Carnaje on Sunday, June 7, 2020

After seeing the post, many people just can’t help but admire Andi for her bravery of breaking the stigma that fame and money are what make people happy.

Over and over again, she has made everyone realize that those things have no value if you are not truly happy with the people you are with. What makes one truly happy is the chance to spend each day with the people they love and complete their existence.