Pregnant Elephant dies standing in the river after cruel humans feed it with pineapple stuffed with firecrackers

Just like humans, animals have rights too that need to be respected and valued by everyone and every living thing around them. Although they may not be able to verbally say how they feel, their actions and movements are enough to show how they feel – especially when they are hurt by the people around them.

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This is why people are deeply saddened and are seeking justice after this unfortunate thing that happened to a mother elephant which was caused by none other than cruel human beings.

According to NDTV, the mother elephant, being one that is left to tend for itself in the wild had left the forests of Silent Valley in Palakkad district and wandered into a nearby village in search of food.

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Then, the pregnant elephant managed to come across a pineapple, because of the enticing look of the fruit, she immediately chomped on it and swallowed it one go.

But, it turned out that the pineapple was stuffed with firecrackers inside it and people believe that this was done by the locals in the area. After a while, the fruit exploded in her mouth and left her in searing pain as she walked around the village for days.

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She could not intake anything solid because of the injuries inside her body and sadly, she lost her life while still standing in a river.

Her unfortunate story has reached social media and has earned many reactions from people all over the world. Most of which are condemning what was done to the poor animal.

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On Twitter, people used their talent in sketching photo illustrations of the mother elephant and her baby to show their protest against animal cruelty.

May this unfortunate and sad death of this momma elephant make us all realize and awaken to the truth that in this world, what people should do is co-exist with animals and plants too because doing so benefits not just us but our world as a whole.