DTI reminds online seller doing “pm for price” is unlawful

Now that many people are staying at home, it is very convenient for everyone to just order things or food online and have it delivered right at their doorstep.

So, online sellers are having the time of their lives in the midst of this crisis and sadly, some are also taking this opportunity to take advantage of their buyers.

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As you may have already seen, there are posts of these for sale items but one has to DM (Direct Message) or PM (Private Message) the seller first before knowing its price.

While we are all aware that things we see at the mall or at the grocery stores are all completely labeled with prices, DTI says that this practice is applicable to online sellers too.

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According to a Facebook post by DTI Sultan Kudarat, it is never cool to just say PM sent on whatever products it is that they are selling. It is always better to just put a price tag on the items so everyone can decide at just a single glance if they are willing to buy the item and avoid the hassle of having to message the seller first.

HINDI COOL ang PM SENT sa online selling! Gawing smooth ang iyong transaction kaya ilagay na ang presyo ng produktong…

Posted by DTI Sultan Kudarat on Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Also, they reiterated that the RA 7394 or Consumer Act of the Philippines states that it is considered unlawful to sell any type of product without a tag, label, or mark as to the price of the product.

So, may this be a warning to all online sellers to disclose the prices of their goods not just for the benefit of the buyers but for their own too as they can save a whole lot of time by no longer replying to the inquiries of the buyers but just getting their orders directly.