Woman accidentally trapped in stranger’s garage after failing to pay attention on automatic door

There are many cases of kidnapping that is happening all around the world every single day. Some are done for ransom, some are just mistaken identity and then there is this case of ‘accidental kidnapping.’

In Goiânia, Brazil, an unusual but hilarious clip was recorded by a CCTV where a woman who was just passing by was accidentally kidnapped.

Image: Gleysson Lima/Facebook

The said clip started off with a man riding a motorcycle coming out of his garage. He then waits for a car to pass and at the same time activated the automatic door function of his garage.

When the door was slowly closing, a woman happened to pass by.

Image: Gleysson Lima/Facebook

Things then escalated quickly, especially when the door, which was about to close down caught the woman before it was finally shut down.

The motorcycle is then seen speeding up to wherever it may be, leaving the woman stranded inside the garage.

Image: Gleysson Lima/Facebook

According to Daily Mail, Thaís Oliveira, the woman’s daughter, said her mom was trapped in the garage for around one hour before she was saved by a woman who swept the pavement in the same area.

After the short footage became a hit on Facebook, follow-up footage was posted on Twitter. This time, the short clip shows the woman knocking on the inside of the garage door.

Image: Gleysson Lima/Facebook

She is even seen to have been pleading with the camera inside, hoping that someone may see it and send help to her because she badly needs one.

People just can’t help but laugh over the “accidental kidnapping” that happened to the woman but they were also thankful that she got out of it in just a short time.

Image: Gleysson Lima/Facebook

Watch the clip below:

So, a lesson learned from this lady, better pay attention when walking or better yet, just walk fast so you won’t get stuck inside a garage.