Transgender shares sweet photo with husband whose 8 months pregnant

Pregnancy is always a happy moment especially for two people who have pledged to spend eternity with each other. It is the type of gift that no one can replace or replicate even if they go search the world for it.

This is why as an expecting parent, this transgender model from Colombia proudly shared sweet photos of her and her husband who was now on his 8th month of pregnancy.

Image: Danna Sultana / Instagram

According to Unilad, Danna Sultana, a model from Colombia who was born male and identifies as female, is expecting a baby boy with her husband Esteban Landrau, who was born female and identifies as male.

Danna uploaded the sweet photos via her Instagram account along with the caption “Love is Love.”

Image: Danna Sultana / Instagram

Simple but this caption speaks a thousand words especially for people like Danna and Esteban who struggle to earn the acceptance of many because of their choices in life.

It was also reported that the couple conceived the baby naturally, as both Danna and Esteban have their natural organs.

Image: Danna Sultana / Instagram

Back in February, the pair happily announced Esteban’s pregnancy via Danna’s Instagram account with a photo of the two in which Danna was holding up a pregnancy test. Her photo went with the caption “Dreams do come true.”

And while many people think Esteban and Danna’s set-up is quite confusing, support for their journey as parents are also continuously pouring, even from people they do not personally know.

Image: Danna Sultana / Instagram

During the eighth month of Esteban’s pregnancy, he experienced quite a lot of difficulty and one of the latest ones is when he had contractions and they feared that he may go through premature labor.

After rushing him to the hospital, they were able to find out that what was happening to him is just a normal occurrence for pregnant women in their 8th month of pregnancy.

Now, Esteban and Danna are just patiently waiting for their little angel to come out and surprise the world.