Pregnant wife finds a second wife for husband so he can have someone to “care” for him

Jealousy is a very common occurrence between two people who are romantically involved with each other. They say being jealous is part of loving and to truly learn how to love is to be jealous too.

That is the case with many couples we may see around us but as for this wife, it is never an issue for her because she cares more about the welfare of her husband that she is even willing to look for a second wife for him.

Image: Samuel Dzul /Facebook

According to Rachfeed, in Shah Alam, Malaysia, a woman named Khuzatul Atiqah got pregnant and she noticed that her husband, Samuel Dzul was always exhausted when coming home.

Being the head of the family, Samuel works really hard in his job and even does housework when he gets home because his wife is very sensitive since she is pregnant.

Image: Samuel Dzul /Facebook

Khuzatul was worried that Samuel has no one to take care of him as she also cannot fulfill her role as a loving wife because of her sensitive pregnancy issues. So, she decided to try and find a second wife for him.

Since the two are Muslims, it is no longer an issue for Samuel to have two wives. So, Khuzatul set her eyes on her goal and was able to find Nur Fathonah who was a single mom and she considered her perfect for being the second wife.

Image: Samuel Dzul /Facebook

Khuzatul then sent a message to Nur and explained the arrangement to her. At first, she was shocked because she never thought she can get married again but then the pieces of their puzzle just fit together.

Soon, their wedding took place and Khuzatul was very happy to have found someone who will take care of her husband and be her best friend at the same time.

Image: Samuel Dzul /Facebook

Meanwhile, as this set-up was quite a win-win situation for the three parties involved, many people still expressed their opinions regarding this matter and were quite hesitant to accept this peculiar set-up.

Nonetheless, we wish nothing but happiness for the three people, and may their unique family tree prosper in the years to come.