Rock formation in a cave in Thailand sparks legend about it to be once a giant snake[9 photos]

There are many things in this world that are yet to be discovered and some things or happenings that cannot be concretely explained by reasoning and science.

Just like this newly discovered Naka Cave in Thailand whose mysterious appearance has left many people wondering as to what is its true origin.

The Naka Cave which is located in Bueng Khong Long District, Bueng Kan Province has become a popular spot for many netizens because of its peculiar appearance which somehow resembles that of a giant snake!

Facebook user Ord Thanawanij was the first one to share photos of the cave and since then, many others were intrigued by it.

The rocky surface of the cave seems to resemble the scales on the skin of a snake. The surroundings of the cave even seem as if it’s a giant snake with its body in a curling position.

After the post has gone viral, Thai netizens pointed out a legend of a mysterious city called Pu Ua Lue and said that the Naka was cursed.

Stories circulating online say that maybe a giant snake was dead and it was turned into stone by an unknown creature who has the power to do so.

Some also assume that this might have happened hundreds of years ago and because the snake was turned into a stone, its body did not rot.

Many people who came across the post just can’t believe what they are seeing with their own eyes.

While the origin of this newly-discovered snake is still unconfirmed, whether it really is the body of a snake or just stones that resemble such, only ample research and time can tell.

But, what remains true is that nature really has an interesting way of creating itself. One can’t help but just wonder at how marvelous is this world we all live in.