Reporter goes viral after her cats were caught “fighting” behind her on live TV

When it comes to live reporting, bloopers, tongue slips and all other unforeseen funny moments are just a few of the many things that no one can stop from happening.

Inasmuch as reporters are often seen delivering their news from the field, these are now limited as traveling to and fro is discouraged because of the pandemic. So, many news outlets just resort to delivering news via a live feed from inside their homes and interviewing a few key individuals via video or phone call.

Image: ABS-CBN

Well, this newscaster from the Philippines is just one of the many who still does her job despite the pandemic but, she ended up experiencing a funny moment (without her knowing) while on a live news broadcast.

It all happened when her cats ended up fighting with each other just behind her back.

Image: ABS-CBN

In a short clip that is now going viral, Doris Bigornia, a news anchor for a local PH TV station, ABS-CBN was interviewing a guest via a phone patch about the guidelines on social distancing when it comes to public utility vehicles like a motorcycle.

A few seconds into the clip, it can be seen that two cats behind her back started fighting with one another. It can be then noticed that her expression changed in an instant when somebody (maybe a family member) tried to inform her of what was happening behind her back.

Image: ABS-CBN

The clip was found hilarious by many that it was shared too many time causing it to become viral not just in the Philippines but even in other countries.

To many, this is a welcome distraction to the many stressful news that we often see and hear on the news but of course, we do not wish for this thing to happen to reporters who are only diligently doing their jobs.

Still, we praise Doris for her professionalism in still continuing to report and deliver the news to the people despite the hilarious thing that happened to her.

You can watch the short clip here: