Nurse reprimanded for wearing only underwear under her see-through PPE

Now that the world is facing an unseen enemy that can victimize simply anyone in the populace, it is advised by authorities to always take precautionary measures so that this disease can be prevented from spreading.

As for people working in the medical field, while having no choice but to spend their days with patients suffering from the pandemic, their Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is the thing that gives them protection against the disease.

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But, wearing this PPE all day long can be very draining for these people which was why this nurse from Russia opted to wear just her undergarments underneath her see-through PPE!

However, the results were somehow far from what she imagined as she was reprimanded by the hospital authorities especially that the ward she was in charge of is an all-male ward!

Image: Tulskie Novosti

According to Daily Mail, a patient at a hospital in Tula, Russia was the one who took the “revealing” photos of the still-unnamed hospital staff and uploaded it on social media. The patient even added that he heard “no complaints” with the other patients inside the ward with him.

However, the medical staff was still disciplined by the hospital chiefs because they were not amused by what she did and she was also punished for “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.”

As for the medical staff in question, she said she was unaware that the PPE she wore while doing her rounds was so “transparent.”

Although the details for the disciplinary action taken against her were not revealed, many netizens just find what she did, funny and a well-deserved break from all the stressful news about the pandemic that we see and hear on a daily basis.