Guy invented his own futuristic monocycle and it looks cool

Manufacturers of motorcycles all over the world have evolved their designs of the conventional motorcycle, there are now big bikes, lightweight ones which are used for racing, and also the ones which are used for sports like motocross.

What remains common for all of these various designs is that it is still composed of one motorcycle body with two wheels attached to it which enables the motorcycle to move on the road.

Image: Ronie Georfo/Facebook

But, this netizen has somehow invented a new type of motorcycle in which one uses one wheel, and not just the usual size of the wheel that we see but a very huge one.

Image: Ronie Georfo/Facebook

In a Facebook video uploaded by Ronie Georfo, a man wearing a pink shirt is seen sitting on a motorcycle. The clip is said to be taken in General Santos City. But, as everyone can notice, there is something lacking in that motorcycle and that is – its two wheels.

A few moments later in the clip, another man can be heard instructing the man in pink to move his motorcycle. He kicked the pedal and the motorcycle roared to life. When it started to move, its enormous wheel is now seen.

Image: Ronie Georfo/Facebook

However, instead of just moving forward, the motorcycle somehow moved back and fort which can be compared to the movement of something that is losing its balance.

Nonetheless, it still moved and was even able to join other vehicles in the middle of the road before it came back to its starting point. The audience who were with the driver can be heard muttering their amused reactions and laughter at the same time.

Image: Ronie Georfo/Facebook

As a result, many netizens were also amused by this rare invention of the still-unnamed motorist who was wearing a pink shirt. But, many also expressed their concern about the safety of this type of motorcycle especially that it requires balancing it so that it doesn’t move in a different direction than where it is intended.

You can watch the full short clip of the motorcycle here:

SA pilikula lng ito makikita noun,, pero ngayon andito na SA gensan,,

Posted by Ronie Georfo on Thursday, 14 May 2020