Electric mini car now being sold in selected countries

Technology is continuously evolving with time. Appliances, gadgets and even cars are now more environment-friendly than they were a few years back.

This is also in-line with the efforts of manufacturing companies to lessen the damage to the environment. Thus, this paved the way for the invention of electronic cars. Although they greatly contribute to lessening pollution, they also cost quite a lot of money.

Image: My Food & News Channel

But, with continuous interventions, a new mini electric car which is less expensive than its predecessors is now being sold in selected countries!

According to Nepali News, the EV X2 is a China-produced vehicle that packs interesting features for a starting price of around US$3188. Plus, distributors of the mini electric car even offer installment payments for it.

Image: My Food & News Channel

The car requires 5 hours of charging to reach 80% of its battery and over 8 hours for optimum usage. At this, the car can travel by up to 120 kilometers.

It is even perfect for working adults and even small families as it can only fit 2 people. Plus, there are even a few colors of the car such as blue, yellow, and white which the buyers can choose from.

Image: My Food & News Channel

As for its front and rear lights, they are equipped with LED and comes with two ECO optional modes to choose from. What’s even more amazing is that a rear camera and parking radar and a 6.2 inch LCD instrument design that provides three theme replacements are also included in its features.

The electric mini car is available to selected countries only and buyers are also contemplating the pros and cons of these new products before deciding to buy one. Well, it’s always best to know these details first before buying any product because money is so hard to find.