70-year-old fashion designer wows the online world with her ageless beauty

They say, growing up is mandatory but growing old is optional. Of course, all of us may still feel young at heart but our physical appearance may show otherwise as to the physical appearance of a person never lie.

But, there are some people who tend to defy this belief because they simply do not look anywhere near their age. Just like Vera Wang, a famous fashion designer that has wowed social media for her ageless beauty!

Many were left in awe as the designer shared several photos while quarantining inside her home in Miami via her Instagram account.

She posted a series of stunning photos of herself showing off her abs in a sports bra and everyone cannot believe their eyes by the fact that the woman in the photos is already 70 years old!

According to Daily Mail, even Vera’s official Twitter account re-tweeted a post by a social media user which confirms the true age of the fashion designer. The re-tweet went with two confirmatory words: “Fact Check”.

Image: Twitter

There was another who suggested that Vera may be drinking Unicorn blood to still look this young and vibrant despite her age.

Vera has been working in the fashion industry for decades. In 1970, when she graduated from Sarah Lawrence, she immediately started her career as an editor of Vogue.

From there, Vera transferred to Ralph Lauren where she remained for two years. At the age of 40, she left the company and started her own bridal brand.

Because of her already known name in the industry, she made wedding dresses for many famous celebs like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alicia Keys, Hilary Duff, and Khloe Kardashian.

Vera has now expanded her business and has ventured into non-bridal designs. At 70, she still actively participates in all the works of her company while still having time to take care of herself and thus be called someone with “ageless beauty.”